Michael Drapeau
Pierre Ladouceur
Christian Chabot
Jennifer Marchesani
Joe Guadagnino
Mirella Elissa
Rocky Brar

Customer Service

Everyone at Canada Tire is focused on customer service. Making our clients happy – whether by phone, email, internet or fax – is the main goal of our dedicated customer service teams based in Montréal and Mississauga.

Making our clients happy is the main goal of our dedicated customer service teams.

Our customer service team is led by Chris Moody, Director of Sales. He is supported by Jenn Marchesani, our Senior CSR and Toronto Office manager, Justin Navarro, Rocky Bray (both also in Toronto), Michael Drapeau, Christian Chabot, Pierre Ladouceur, Mirella Elissa and Joe Guadagnino (with Canada Tire since 1969!), all located in Montréal. Fun facts about our customer service team: Michael has been in the tire business since 2007 and spends weekends with his daughter at auto events.