95 Years in Business

On Friday, June 15, 2018, Canada Tire celebrated it’s 90th anniversary with all of its team, their spouses and partners and its key suppliers.

“What does 90 years of Canada Tire mean for our customers?”

We hope that it means to you that for generations, we have stood by our customers and our products. Many companies sell tires – now more than ever, but very few of them stand by them, year after year. We have stood by our products and want to take this opportunity to put that “in writing”.

In recognition of our 90th year and to exemplify how we stand by our customers and our products, we’ve introduced a Canada Tire Guarantee. While many of our products already carry mileage warranties, road hazard and 30-day trial, not all of them do and we wanted to make sure that even our most inexpensive tire had some form of guarantee.